About Us

Welcome to the NHO Show Blog! The NHO, or New Hockey Order Show, was started by Storie Serres and Colin Mills at the beginning of the 2016-17 NHL season. After getting our feet wet last year, we are committed to providing more in-depth hockey analysis that you won’t find on your average media outlet. With unique expertise and differing opinions, we hope to share a new perspective on a game that has undergone significant fundamental changes in recent years. This blog will be used to expand on topics discussed during the podcast in which we feel need more explanation. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Storie Serres

She may look like a pixie, but don’t let appearances fool you. Like Tie Domi, she packs a lot of power into that 4’11” frame. A self-proclaimed Marty St. Louis fan-girl, Storie is always rooting for the underdog. Like her idol, she has used her talents to break barriers and become a force on hockey’s biggest stage. As a freelance social media expert, Storie has worked with the sport’s most impactful brands including Sportsnet, the International Ice Hockey Federation and Rogers Hometown Hockey. This has given her insider access to hockey’s most prestigious events like the NHL Draft, All-Star Game and World Championships where she has rubbed shoulders with hockey legends of today and yesteryear. This has given Storie a unique, player-focused perspective on the game right from the source. As a champion of the people, Storie will always fight for what is best for the fans and players alike.

Colin Mills

This brings us to the Devil’s advocate. Unlike Storie, Colin tries to keep an unbiased, objective view of the game that aligns with the philosophies of an NHL front office. An aspiring General Manager in his early years, Colin has dipped his toes into various aspects of the industry that provide him with a holistic view of the game and business of hockey. This includes working with the London Knights, the NHL, The Hockey Writers, a player agency and Rogers Hometown Hockey in various capacities. A self-proclaimed hockey nerd, Colin is constantly studying the nuances of what makes a team successful; with focus on the NHL Draft, salary cap and their conjunction with the new norm of hockey analytics. As a student of the game with old-school ideology, Colin tries to be one step ahead of the pack by using new information to challenge and improve traditional philosophies.